Gemma Collins says weight battle is ‘everyday struggle’ but she aims to ‘inspire fans’

Gemma Collins hopes publicly and openly sharing her fitness journey with fans will continue to inspire anyone struggling with their weight.

Speaking to The Mirror from her home in Essex, the former TOWIE star opened up about her “constant battle” with under active thyroid and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

The 41-year-old reality TV star’s PCOS means that her body can be more resistant to insulin, creating more hormones, which can leads to weight gain.

“It’s not as easy for me, hormonally, to keep my weight stable all the time,” she said. “People don’t understand.”

“I’ve got under active thyroid, I’ve got PCOS, It just means that I have to work extra hard at [keeping fit and working out].”

The GC says she really admires US body-positive chart-topper Lizzo and hopes that continuing to share her journey will help others too.

“Look at Lizzo, she’s a real inspiration to me,” she added.

“I’m loving myself along that [fitness] journey and you now that’s a real important message.

“it’s just a constant battle you know, so I have to keep on top of it every day.”

Speaking of inspiring her fans, Gemma only recently received a message on Instagram from an adoring follower who praised the telly star for her body positivity.

During the most recent heatwave earlier this month, Gemma was sharing bikini-clad videos with her 2 million followers as she soaked up the sizzling sunshine.

“Make sure you wear your sun cream,” she warned fans as she stepped out in nothing but her swimwear.

It was those clips that one fan found particularly helpful.

The message read: “Just wanted to message and say thank you. I haven’t had the confidence to buy or wear a bikini in about 20 years.

“I have just purchased one of yours from your New Look collection and I feel fabulous in it and can’t wait to wear it on holiday.”

Gemma explained to The Mirror just how much that Instagram DM meant to her.

She said: “And you know… that was just… it made me feel so happy for that lady you know.”

Speaking of inspiring more fans, she added: “I am an inspiration, in inspire so many people. I keep it real, at the end of the day that’s why people love me.

“Yes, the GC is a character but I’m really down to earth and I really empathies with anyone out there who is struggling, on a daily basis, with their weight.

“At the end of the day we’re all beautiful – we all come in different shapes and sizes.”

Gemma recently shared a throwback picture to her younger years, an image that has attracted hundreds of comments about the star’s change in weight.

“That picture shows you that when people do get thyroid problems or PCOS, it can really [affect you].

“You can see my frame is small, but I’m constantly battling with the condition that I have.

“People just think that you’re overweight because you eat all day, but that’s not true, hun.”

The sit-down with The Mirror comes after Gemma announced a new collaboration.